Organizing Business Travel Expenses – Strategies That Suit Your Lifestyle |

Nowadays, traveling for business is a common occurrence. But believe it or not, employers are not legally obligated to pay for your work related travel expenses or give you a per diem. Most do it anyways, though, for the sake of good business practice because the trips you make benefit them a great deal. Every company has its own policy for this matter, so you should always clarify with your employer as to what costs are covered. While you are away, organize all of your business related travel spending so you don’t end up losing money for work.

Here are a few strategy you can apply to suit your lifestyle:

The Laptop Pro

If you like tracking things on your laptop, create an email label or folder that stores all of your online receipts, such as, flight/hotel booking confirmation. You can also find Excel spreadsheet templates online to log spending. Save and scan your receipts at the end of the trip and email all of your information along with your expense report to the employer.

The Gadget Guru

A smartphone can be a very powerful tool for expense tracking. Some applications allow you to take pictures of your receipts, log expenses, and generate report at the same time. Some promising apps are: Expensify (iPhone, Android), ProOnGo (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), and Expense Log Pro (Blackberry). There are also mileage trackers for those who’ll be driving.

The Traditionalist

If you are more comfortable doing it the old fashion way, keep an envelope on hand with the travel dates and destination(s) written on the front. Put all of your receipts in there with a printed spreadsheet. At the end of each day, review it, write down where you had been, and make detailed notes of purchases if needed.

So what if your employers don’t reimburse you for the cost of the trip? All is not lost because the government will give you a break in this matter. If you itemize deductions on your personal income tax return, you’ll be able to claim the cost on Schedule A of the 1040 Form. Check out Topic 511 on the IRS website for more details on eligible expenses.

Have a safe trip!

How Business Travelers Can Enjoy a Stress-Free Trip |

Panic naps at the airport lounges, settling yourself from left to right during the flight and constantly losing your appetite and sleep because of the anxiety; who says the life of a business traveler is easy? Despite staying organized and ahead of their game, stress-free traveling often seems like a dream to business travelers. Does it really have to be this miserable?

Here are some of the helpful ways in which business travelers can lessen their worries and enjoy their trip for once!

1. Stay Positive

As it is popularly said, it’s always all in the head. And whatever stays in the head has a huge impact on your experiences. Since you can determine what goes on in your head, it is best to stay positive at every leg of the journey. You’d be surprised to witness how easier things can get for you. Although many business travelers here would argue that they refrain from being negative, being positive demands way more. From being optimistic about your travel plans to being polite to everyone along the way; you can easily achieve this!

2. Pack Right

Business travelers are always on the go. Therefore, it is essential for them to learn the art of packing. For many of us, the traveling stresses only relate to not knowing what and how to pack! Since business travelers are frequent flyers, it is advisable to always stay packed. Although you might have to add a few things, it is still easier when the base is packed. As a business traveler, you must bring peace in your life by learning how to pack properly. The aim is to carry only the bare minimum and allow yourself the least amount of luggage. Unless it gets a compulsion, do not carry anything more than a carry on. This is only going to be possible if you learn the essential art of folding right!

3. Keep an Electronic Copy of all Essential Documents

Although business travelers mostly stay organized and keep a track of all the important documents, it is important that you keep an electronic copy to all these documents. Carrying a USB can help you a great deal! It is no less of a catastrophe when you lose critically important travel documents such as the passport or your insurance policy. Making an electronic copy hardly takes any time and can become extremely valuable when you need it.

4. Eat Wisely

This is often taken for granted, but is extremely important in order to enjoy a healthy and happy work life! Since the eating pattern is going to have a huge impact on your brain activity as well as your sleeping pattern, it is best to give it a thought. Always try and avoid any beverages and opt for bottled water instead. Avoid fats and carbs because they take longer to burn. A healthy body is going to help you immensely!